If you’re new to cycling or suffer from saddle issues, numb feet, knee pain or back pain when on the bike then our Mobile Bike Fitting service is for you.

Our service is for everyone who rides, so don’t think that because you don’t ride a road bike and you don’t use actual cycling shoes that this isn’t for you. Everyone who rides a bike can benefit from a bike fit.

In order to offer this mobile service we use the BIKEFIT PRO app that can record your various measurements on the bike. It also enables us to share with you the results on the screen.

What can you expect from a bike fit with us?

The images show your three main contact points with the bike and what we will focus on when looking at customising your bike to you.


Review the 5 primary cleat adjustments shown above and make necessary adjustments, within the limitations of the pedal system, to find your optimum foot/pedal connection.


Review the handlebars, angle and length of stem and the position of levers and hoods.


Review saddle height, fore/aft and tilt to find an optimal saddle position.

Bike Fit Services
Foundation Fit – £35

Designed to position new riders in a safe, comfortable position that ensures efficient riding and injury prevention.

Cleat/Pedal interface and knee tracking – £50

Set up one pair of shoes, ensuring correct cleat placement and improve knee tracking. Includes shims and wedges is necessary.

Standard Bike Fit – £100

Rider questionnaire
Assess current bike position
Foot pedal interface
Saddle position
Handlebar positioning

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“Highly recommend a bike fit with Andy, very thorough and knowledgeable about bike set-up both with efficiency and comfort in mind. I was having issues with my seat when riding longer distances and the alterations he made, plus his recommendation for a saddle to suit my style of riding, made a huge difference. I have since cycled 100+ km totally pain free.” Emily, Oxford

“I was impressed with the whole experience of my bike fit with Andy, all aspects of my positioning were looked at, and he made a number of small but effective changes to improve the efficiency of my riding. He also incorporated feedback from my experience on recent rides, suggesting adjustments to frame components which made a big difference to my lower back comfort.” Paul, Oxford

“After struggling with back and knee pain on longer rides I used the Bike Support fitting service. After recording my ride movement and taking various measurements Andy made a few adjustments and I’ve not had any pain since then, including numerous longer rides. Really amazed that a few minor adjustments have made such a difference thanks Bike Support!” Rich, Chalfont

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