Raleigh Chopper restoration

Throughout the 1970s and ‘80s the Raleigh Chopper was incredibly desirable, with the bikes loved by those who owned them and coveted by those who did not. I was in the latter camp.

This particular bike was the mk2 model and had been with the current owner since its release in the 1970s. Although it was looking a little tired, the bike still had its original tyres and was generally in good working order with light rust on the chrome. The owner was keen to do some of the clean-up himself so I offered some tips for cleaning the chrome up as best as possible using some wire wool and a lubricant.

Both tyres were flat so as part of the service I removed both wheels to replace the inner tubes and while the wheels were off I gave those hard to reach areas a good clean. The rest of the service was straightforward with the gears and brakes requiring little adjustment.

The test ride was like stepping back in time. I couldn’t believe just how smooth the gear shift worked on this Raleigh when you consider its age.

“Andy from Bike Support helped me rediscover my 45 year old MK2 Raleigh Chopper Bike which had not seen daylight since the kids were young! Andy’s dedication & skill helped to bring the bike back to good working order repairing the tyres & fully servicing the bike. Apart from having a fully kitted mobile workshop to my house Andy offered great knowledge about the industry.” S. Phillips Shillingford